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Nail files and electric nail file

In a nail studio the working tool nail file or electric nail file must not be missing.

No matter if you are looking for files for natural nails, files for acrylic nails, files for gel nails or acrylic gel, in our file shop you will find cheap nail files. The quality of a nail file is always important, both in the nail studio and in private use.


What is the difference between an electric nail file/nail cutter and a normal nail file?

For beginners in the field of nail design, we recommend to work with the nail file until you have really developed a good feeling for the nail file. With the classic file the correct filing steps can be practiced very well and the UV-gel or acrylic is removed more slowly. The slower nail file also gives you a good feeling for how hard you press on the nail with the file and at which angle you can best apply the file.

Nail design professionals like to work with the electric nail file or cutter called. It has the advantage that the material of the artificial nail can be removed faster, which saves valuable working time. There are special bits and grinding bits with different grit sizes to meet the special needs of the material nail and cuticle. For accurate filing, professional nail designers still need a classic professional nail file to get the nail into shape.

Which nail file do I use for gel nails?

For filing gel nails and gel modellages, our professional files with a 100/180 grit are best suited. With the 100 grit side, the hardened UV gel is quickly removed. The 180 grit side is used for filing the contours and tip transitions. Afterwards the gel nail is cleanly finished with a buffer block or buffer file and then sealed as desired.

What do I file my acrylic nails with?

For acrylic nails we also recommend filing with our professional files with 100/180 grain. For quick removal of the acrylic modellage use the 100 grit side, for more precise filing of the contours use the 180 grit side. Afterwards the nail is finished with a buffer block or buffer file. The nail can then be sealed with a UV Top Coat or polished in the old classic way with a polishing file.

Are there special files for natural nails?

For the filing of natural nails we recommend the profile files with 240/240 grit. 240ig grit are rather fine-grained and perfect for filing natural nails. For natural nails it is important not to choose too coarse grit, otherwise the nails will crack more easily.

What does the grain size of a nail file say?

The lower the number of grains/grit of a nail file, the coarser the grain of the nail file and the more material it removes.
The higher the number of grains/grit of the file, the finer the grain of the file and the less material it removes.

Here is a list/overview of the grit of nail files:

Grit size 80, 80 Grit: removes very coarse acrylic, gel or acrylic gel modellage. As this grit is already very coarse, it is not necessarily recommended.

Grit size 100, 100 Grit: a trace finer than 80 Grit, perfect for coarse filing and removing acrylic, UV gel and acrylic gel/polygel and for shortening nail modelling.

Grit 180, 180 Grit: Perfect for filing on contours, tip transitions and to file the shape.

240, 240 grit: Recommended for filing natural nails during classic manicure and pedicure.

Buffer block or buffer file: The Buffer is often used for roughening the natural nail before gel modelling or Uv Gellack. The buffer block/buffer file is also perfect for reworking gel, acrylic gel, polygel, acrylic modellage before sealing. It can also be used to remove gel or acrylic residues from natural nails.

Polishing file, polishing cubes: The polishing files, polishing cubes are often used for the classic manicure to give the natural nail the perfect shine. If you work with acrylic powder without using a UV lamp, you can polish the acrylic modellage instead of using a sealer.

Which form of the nail file is suitable for what?

Straight files are the cheaper variants among the files. They can be used for any nail shape.

Bent files are the ergonomic nail files, which lie very well in the hand due to the round side. With the rounded form, you can file very well on the nail edge without hurting the skin.

Moon shape files lie very well in the hand, are therefore also very ergonomic in use. With the straight side, the side lines of the modellage and the length of the nails can be filed very well. With the round side of the file you can work perfectly on the contours. Due to the wider surface of the file it has a longer life.

Buffers are often block shaped, as the core of the file is soft, this file adapts very well to the shape of the nail. Buffering is a simple application that can be used without much practice.

When do I need a buffer?

Buffer block and buffer files/soft files are the perfect working tools to roughen/matt the natural nail before modelling. They are also very suitable to remove residues of acrylic, gel or acrylic gel from the natural nail.

What do I need a polishing file for?

With the polishing files/polishing cubes you can polish the natural nail in a few steps without chemicals to a high gloss. You start with the coarsest side of the file and then finish with the finest side of the file.
This kind of polishing can also be used for acrylic nails.

How do I defuse the edges of the nail file?

To protect the customer from possible injuries, it is possible to deburr the file. To do so, take the new file and file with the edge against another file. One strokes with each edge exactly 3 times over the other file

What do you mean disposable files?

Disposable file means that for hygienic reasons the file is only used for one treatment and then e.g. given to customers to take home. The customer is happy and everything remains hygienically perfect.

Are file sets also available?

To find out which nail file is the best for you, we have file sets, file test sets in our file online shop.

Where are our profile files made?

Our quality files, professional files are manufactured exclusively in Germany in the highest quality.