Acrylic Gel, Polygel buy cheap


Acrylic Gel or also called Polygel or Polyacryl Gel combines the advantages of the gel system and acrylic system.

What is an acrylic gel/polygel/poly acrylic gel?

Acrylic gel is the modern way to model nails. It is a highly viscous UV-gel, LED-gel which reminds very much of acrylic. High viscosity gel means that the gel is very stable and does not run. These acrylic gels, polygels you can buy cheap in our nail design online shop.

Which advantages does acrylic gel offer?

Due to the high viscosity, the acrylic gel feels similar to acrylic when gel modelling.
You model the nail gel by pressing and pushing it into the desired form.
There is also no trickling into the nail edge and thus effectively prevents lifting.
Because the acrylic and polygels are UV and LED curing, you have the big advantage that you have as long as you want for the gel modelling.
This is especially beneficial for nail design beginners and those who are changing over to gel modelling.
In addition, the acrylic gels are odourless, this creates a more pleasant feeling in the nail studio.

Polygels, acrylic gels can be modelled very thin and are very stable.
They can also be filed very easily and therefore save valuable working time.

Is acrylic gel also suitable for problem nails?

Acrylic gels have a very good adhesion, therefore it is also recommended for problem nails.

What kind of modelling can I do with polygel?

In principle you can model any nail shape with it, such as almond, square, natural nail reinforcement, etc.
However, since it can be worked in a wafer-thin layer, the gels are also perfectly suitable for super slim nails and stilettos. Also the pinching works wonderfully, after hardening the nail remains dimensionally stable.

Do I need a special brush for polyacrylic gel?

Depending on your preference you can work with gel brush or acrylic brush. In general we recommend to use high-quality brushes with real Kolinsky hair, which have a high tension. It is best to test yourself what you prefer to work with.

What is the difference between UV-Gel Modellage, Acryl Powder Modellage and the Polygel System?

Difference in processing and curing:

UV GEL: The conventional gel is either painted or applied floating and cured under the UV and/or LED gel. It is worked in several layers. Adhesion/construction/sealing

ACRYLGEL: Here the polygel is taken out of the jar or tube with a spatula and the material is placed on the nail. Then it can be modelled by pushing and pressing. The gel hardens only in the UV or Led lamp and can therefore be modelled as long as necessary. TIP: The acrylic gel is well suited to simply create a baby boomer

ACRYL POWDER WITH LIQUID: With the acrylic brush, the liquid is absorbed and then dipped into the powder, from which a small ball is formed. The polymerization (hardening) begins as soon as the powder and the liquid meet and can take different lengths of time depending on the brand until complete hardening. No UV lamp is needed for this, it hardens completely in the air. However, it takes some time to perfect this technique.


GEL: The gel is the most flexible of all 3 systems and is usually not so good for pinching, so it often returns to its original shape. There are great gels that smooth themselves, so a lot of filing work is not necessary.

ACRYLGEL: It is very dimensionally stable and can therefore be pinched very well, the durability and stability are very good. Even with overlength the nail can still be processed thin.

ACRYLPULVER SYSTEM: Similar to polygel, acrylic is very dimensionally stable and therefore very suitable for pinching. It becomes very hard and rigid and can therefore be processed in the thinnest way.


Can acrylic gel be combined with other gels?

Acrylic gel can be easily combined with all colour gels and effect gels and therefore leaves nothing to be desired in nail designs. No matter if French Nails, Ombre Nails, Babyboomer or Fullcover Nails.

In which colours are the acrylic gels available?

Acrylic gel is available in several colours, e.g.: Clear, Crystal Clear, White, Soft White, Intense White, Bright White, Pink, Pink III, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Cover Pink, Soft Pink, Natural, Natural Clear and is also used for Babyboomers.

Do I need a liquid for acrylic gel modelling?

Yes, depending on the brand there is either the brand's own liquid and for some a normal cleaner is sufficient. You can find more information directly in the product description. The liquid is needed to prevent the polygel from sticking to the brush. So it can be modelled optimally and the brush will not be damaged.

Which tools do I need for modelling?

You need a spatula or a rosewood stick to place the polygel on the nail. For modelling you need a suitable human hair brush. If you prefer a pinched nail, you will also need a pair of pincers or pinch clips in transparent.

Are acrylic gel sets and polygel sets also available?

We have put together a Babybommer set for you.
Since we have a wide range of acrylic gel cover tones, white tones, pink tones, and everyone else prefers other colors, we let you create your own set.