Acryl Gel, Polygel günstig kaufen Acryl Gel oder auch Polygel oder Polyacryl Gel genannt vereint die Vorteile vom Gelsystem und Acrylsystem....


Hochwertige LED Gele, die neue Generation der Gel Entwicklung, mit großer Auswahl wie UV Nagellack, Gellack, Aufbaugele, Versiegelungsgele für Ihr Nageldesign...

Building gel
Building gel

Builder gel, Builder UV gel for nails buy cheap   Why do I need a Builder Gel for nails?   You need a build-up gel for your artificial nails to...

Soak Off Gel
Soak Off Gel

Buy Soak Off Gel cheap   What is the difference between UV Gel and Soak Off Gel? Classic UV gel or LED gel must be removed with a nail file or burr, this...

UV Gel - buy cheap online

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In the nail studio as well as in the area of nail design, the UV gel, nail gel is not to be imagined without.
No matter whether the gel nails are worked in almond, ballerina nails, square, new nail form, stiletto, the hands simply look much more groomed.

The gel modellage can be worked as natural nail reinforcement, template extension or with nail tips.
Also problem nails can be extended or strengthened with UV gel. In order to achieve a generally professional result and prevent lifting, it is important to prepare the natural nail properly. For this purpose, you will find the right products for the different nail types in the primer gels, also called adhesive gel. Whether for wet nails, soft nails, hard nails, etc. in our nail design online shop are the right products.


There are two different curing forms of UV gels. Some nail designers prefer the UV gel system, this is cured in a classic UV lamp. Others swear by the LED system, this is the gel modelage in an LED lamp is cured.

UV gels are available in different viscosities. Depending on your preference thin, medium and thick viscous gels.
Build-up gels are stable gels with which you can model a beautiful apex.

Even more stable are acrylic gels, also called polygel or polyacrylic gel, which behave similar to acrylic when modelling. By pushing and shoving you get the right shape and you can work as long as you want, because nothing will run into the nail edge.

For Super Slim Nails the ibd Builder gels and all acrylic gels are very suitable, because they can be worked very thin and are still very resistant.

With the cover gel colours, camouflage gel, makeup gel you can model very well nail bed extensions and baby boomers. With the matching French gels in the desired colour from natural white to highly opaque, brilliant white you can achieve the desired effects such as natural baby boomers, natural French or classic French look.


With the variety of brilliant color gels, the nail designer's heart will beat faster. They are best suited for full cover nails or coloured French or coloured boomers, ombré.

With every UV gel modelling except the single phase gels, the sealing gel should not be missing to give the nails the final touch. High gloss or matt, with or without sweating layer, there is something for all working techniques.

To make it easier for nail design beginners to get started in the nail industry, we have put together different UV gel sets.


With our quality brands Kolibri Nail Systems, Ibd, Ezflow, Gelish you will find a wide range of different gel systems.

For nail designers who do not want to file off the modellage or remove it with a burr, there is the possibility to work with Soak Off gels. These Soak Off gels are also available as build up gel, gel varnish, UV nail varnish, shellac. These are easily removed with a Soak Off Remover or acetone.