Gloss UV Gel, UV Sealing Gel buy cheap

Top sealed high gloss nails should distinguish your modelling of the nails.

On Cospado you will find a variety of gloss gels, sealing gels at a reasonable price.


Why do I need a UV sealing gel?

You need UV sealing gel or finishing gel, called UV gloss gel, to seal your nail modellage. No matter if your modelled nails are made of acrylic, UV gel, acrylic gel, polygel or UV gel nail polish, a gloss gel makes your artificial nails scratch-resistant and protects them from external environmental influences. The nails should keep their high gloss until the next filling.

How do I apply a UV sealing gel?

We have different UV sealing gels in our assortment. They are available in practical brush bottles but also filled in jars.
In general your nail modelling must be free of dust. Then you apply your Finish Gel thinly on your nails. Harden the gloss gel in the UV or LED lamp. The best way to do this is to follow the instructions on the bottle/ jar.

Do the UV gloss gels have a sweating layer?

Not all finish gels have a sweating layer. The most popular sealers are clearly without a sweating layer, because you save yourself a step from cleaning. With the gloss gels without a dispersion film you have to make sure that it is compatible with the gel or acrylic you are using. For example, if the build-up gel is very elastic, it is possible that the sealant will chip off, as it is not flexible but hard. If this is the case, you can use a sealing gel with a sweating layer, as these are always more flexible.

Can I seal acrylic nails with UV sealing gel?

In any case it is possible to work with sealing gel. It is only important to make sure that the surface is free of dust before application and has been buffered or filed beforehand, so that the sealer receives the optimal adhesion.

Are matt top gels also available?

The trend of matt nails has been around for a long time. It looks especially natural and soft when the modelling is done in baby boomer style. But this trend is not only popular in the natural area. It also gives special effects with the most different nail designs, for example full cover or other styles.

Can I create effects with the Finish Gel?

You can put glitter on the uncured top coat to get a sugar effect.
For Bubble Nails, foam made of water with washing-up liquid is applied to the uncured top coat. Leave this foam on for a short time and then harden your nails in the lamp.

Are there any tricks to keep the sealing gel shiny longer?

You should take care to apply the gel thinly. Then you let the nails cool down well, only then you clean the nails. With some sealants it is advisable to use twice the curing time if the UV lamp is already a little older.

Can I apply pigments to the shine gel?

For the nail art there are many different pigments like chrome pigments, unicorn pigments, mirror effect pigments. To achieve the Chrome Nails Designs, we recommend to use a finishing gel without sweating layer. You apply this on the finished modellage and harden the gloss gel in the lamp. Then you apply the desired pigment on the hardened sealing gel. Then you seal the nail again. Ready are your chrome nails.