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What is the difference between UV Gel and Soak Off Gel?

Classic UV gel or LED gel must be removed with a nail file or burr, this requires a little experience so that the natural nail is not filed.
Soak Off gels can be completely removed with acetone-containing removers, the natural nail is not filed.
The advantage of removable UV gel is that you can use the Soak Off Nails for only one occasion, e.g. wedding, because the gel modellage can be removed very quickly.
Soak Off Modellagen is not filled up, but the nails are modeled every time anew.
Classic UV Gel Nails are more for customers who want to wear the artificial nails for a longer time.

Both gel systems are very scratch resistant and long lasting.


Are UV nail polishes the same as Soak Off gels?


UV gel nail polish:

Our UV gel nail polishes consist of 100% gel, which must be cured in the LED or UV lamp. The gel nail polishes are filled in practical brush bottles. Here you can find Base Coats and also Top Coats, which are part of the Shellac manicure. To remove them you need a remover with acetone. You cannot make a classical structure of the nail with the gel polishes, because they are too thin.


Soak Off Gel:

For modelling you need a gel brush.
In the assortment of Soak Off UV gels you will also find a building gel. With the Builder Gel you can model a classic structure of the nail.
But if you want to extend the nail with a template, Sculpting Gel is the right product.
In principle, you can work with a classic UV gel modelling with build-up and extension. With the advantage that you do not have to file off the modellage.

In general the Soak Off Modellage is more flexible than a classic UV Gel Modellage.
That is why this method is also popular for modelling toenails.

How long does a Soak Off Gel modellage last?

Soak Off Nails last the same time as UV Gel Nails, there is no difference.

How do I remove Soak Off Gel Nails?

To remove the modellage you need a remover/remover with acetone.
The nails are softened in the remover, no matter if you soak celltops with the remover or dip the nails directly into the liquid. After the indicated application time you simply remove the gel residues with a Pro Pusher or rosewood stick.