UV Gel
UV Gel

UV Gel - buy cheap online Cospado - Here you can order UV Gels and UV Gel Sets for a reasonable price   In the nail studio as well as in the area of...


Acrylic powder buy cheap in the acrylic shop   Acrylic powder, also known as powder gel, acrylic powder, acrylic powder, in combination with acrylic...


Babyboomer Nägel - elegante, zarte, zeitlose Nägel auch Babyboomer Nails genannt   Egal ob Acryl-Baby-Boomer oder Babyboomer Gelnägel...


Im Nageldesign macht es besonders viel Spaß Nailart einzusetzen um Gelnnägel, Acrylnägel, Babyboomer und Naturnägel attraktiver aussehen zu lassen. Ob Sie...


Nagelfeilen und elektrische Nagelfeile  In einem Nagelstudio darf das Arbeitswerkzeug Nagelfeile oder elektrische Nagelfeile nicht fehlen. Egal ob du...


In der Kategorie Nageldesign Elekrogeräte finden Sie Nageldesignzubehör die in keinem Nagelstudio fehlen dürfen. Lichthärtungsgeräte wie die Kolibri UV Lampe mit 36...

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In our Nail Shop, Nail Design Onlineshop you will find cheap high quality products for your nails.


For which nails are products available?

Whether for natural nails, artificial nails, gel nails, acrylic nails, polygel nails or acrylic nails, we have a huge selection of nail accessories in the Nail Design Online Shop.

Which UV gels are available?

In the category UV gel you will find acrylic gels, polygels, build-up gels, LED curing gels, primer gel or also called adhesive gel, french gels from natural white to highly opaque white, a variety of highly opaque color gels, sealing gels, soak off gels and of course UV gel sets.

What are the suitable products for acrylic nails?

For the modelling of acrylic nails you need acrylic powder which is dipped into the acrylic liquid with an acrylic brush. For all those who prefer colorful acrylic nails, there are the acrylic color powders. With the colour powders you can also model very well coloured baby boomers, fullcover nails and ombre nails.

Are there own Babyboomer products for Babyboomer Nails?

For the baby boomer style, cover tones are more suitable than normal pink tones. Therefore we have created Babyboomer sets with optimal UV gels, acrylic gels and acrylic powder. For these nail sets you only need the matching nail brushes and liquids and you can start right away.

What is a UV gel nail polish?

The UV nail polish also called Hybrid Gel Nail Polish is a thin UV gel in a brush bottle. The UV gel nail polish is applied like a conventional nail polish and then cured in a UV lamp or LED lamp. After curing, the UV nail polish is immediately dry and lasts between 2 to 4 weeks. To remove the Shellac modellage you need acetone-based remover.

Which nail accessories can I find in the nail design online shop?

You will find the right nail accessories for your nail studio in our Nail Shop. Whether professional nail files, Pro Pusher, bits for the electric file (nail cutter), cuticle scissors, nail tips, templates, etc.

Can I find normal nail polish in the nail shop, which is not UV curing?

We also have an extensive range of nail polishes, which are suitable for both classic manicure and pedicure. Starting with the right Base Coat, over colour nail polishes, Top Coat, nail care and nail polish sets you will find everything in the category nail polish.

Which electrical appliances do I need for my studio?

Electrical appliances for the nail studio are an indispensable part of everyday life in the nail studio. They make the work steps much easier and save a lot of time. UV lamps and LED lamps are needed for every UV gel modelling and gel varnish manicure. These nail lamps are also used for sealing acrylic nails.
When removing the cuticle and old acrylic or gel modellage you will save a lot of time if you use a nail cutter in the studio.
One of the most important electrical devices in your nail studio is the nail dust extractor.
For your own use, the cheaper dust extractors for nails with bags are often used.
For professional use, we recommend you to use table mounted nail dust extractors.