LED Gel for nails buy cheap

What is an LED Gel?

A LED gel is designed to cure in a LED lamp. In a Led Lamp, there are electrical light emitting diodes that emit a specific wavelength of light. These light waves are responsible for the curing of the Led Gel.  

What is the advantage of UV LED gel for nails?

The biggest advantage of Led Gel for Nails is of course the time factor. The curing time is reduced by a multiple compared to a classic UV gel modellage. As an example we can mention the ibd intense Seal. When curing in the conventional UV lamp it takes 3 minutes and in the Led lamp only 30 seconds. And the result is completely the same. A shiny sealed nail.

Are there also LED construction gels?

Also build-up gels are available in Led curing. As with the sealing gel, the curing time is reduced enormously and you get a lightning-fast modelling. The application and other processing of the nails remains completely the same as with conventional UV gels.

Do the LED gels also cure in the UV lamp?

The majority of all LED gels also cure in the classic UV lamp. It is best to read the description or label of the product to find out where and how long the product has to be cured.

Are there also LED Gel Sets available?

We have a great starter set with LED gels from ibd in the nail design online shop. You can easily find this set in the category LED GELE.

Is the durability of LED gel nails and UV gel nails the same?

The adhesion of LED gels is as good as that of conventional UV gel nails. There is no difference in modeling or durability.

Are there combined UV and LED lamps available?

There are enough combination devices on the market. We rather advise you not to buy combination nail polishers. At first sight it may seem to be reasonable to buy a combination device for UV and LED. The problem is that you can't change the LED light emitting diodes and the UV tubes would still work. So you have to dispose the whole lamp if one LED does not work anymore. In general, there are less UV tubes and LED light emitting diodes installed than with the individual lamps, which is why they do not cure as well.