French Gel for nails buy cheap

One of the most famous classic nail designs are French Nails. French Nails look very natural and are popular with customers who want a simple nail design. The nails also look very natural with white French. 

In our nail design online shop you will find various French gels in different shades of white for your artificial nails.


What are French nails?

French Gel Nail Design can be recognized by the white tip of the nail, which is modelled in a clean smile line during nail modelling. The nail bed has a pink colour, which is very similar to the nail bed colour.

What are the most popular French Gel nail designs?

There are several variations of the UV Gel French manicure.

Drama Smile Line:

The smile line of the French nails can be worked very pronounced, here you pull the French Gel on the sides far down.

Slightly curved French:

A slightly curved French Smile Line can be used if the French of the nails should look very natural.
Otherwise, the more pronounced you model the French white as smile line, the more beautiful and slimmer the nails will look.


Since a few years the Babyboomer Nails are in trend. Here the French is modelled with a natural French white running to the nail bed colour.

Do I need a special brush for French Nails?

A special brush is not absolutely necessary for French Nails. There are nail designers who prefer slanted brush tips to be able to draw down the smile line on the sides of the nails in a thin layer. You can also use a Dotting Tool, Spotti to work in the French. A clear recommendation is difficult to give. It is best to try out all variations to find the right French tool for effective modelling.

Do I have to model the French gel under the abutment or on the abutment?

Both variants have their advantages:

French under the abutment:

The French gel is applied after the adhesive gel and cured under the UV/LED lamp. Here you can achieve particularly natural results, as you still have the possibility to work over the French with a delicate rosé clay. If you work under the abutment you can use any UV gel. This means that the consistency of the UV gel can be either thick or thin. In addition, you still have the possibility to work nail art into the structure.

French on the nail structure:

Advantages when working on the build-up:

  • fast removal of the old modelage
  • faster application of the Frenchgel
  • distinctive French design possible


Which French gel, French white do I use for Babyboomer Nails?

For Babyboomer Nails we recommend to use Natural White for the French. With this one the colour gradient can be worked more easily. But if you are already well practiced in the baby boomer scene, you can also use a bright white.

Which French White colours are available?

Bright white French gels:
extremely white nail tips must be worked cleanly, otherwise you will see every mistake immediately. If you have already mastered the French pulling technique, you can conjure wonderful simple French nails.
The brilliant white French gels are also often used in nail design competitions.

Natural white French gels:
With the more natural White French Gels you make French Nails that look super natural and yet well-groomed.
Beginners in nail design often work with the more natural white tones, because you can't see so many processing errors here.
This color is also perfect for baby boomer nail design.

Are French Nails just trendy?

With the French Look, the Babyboomer French is currently the most desired by the customers in the studio. However, this cannot be generalized completely. The classic French always remains modern and must be mastered by all nail designers. Whether the processing method on or under the structure is now more popular is fortunately left to the nail designers.

Can I also apply French gels to my toenails or do I need special gels for this?

Here you can use any French gels or gel varnishes. The latter is probably a bit faster to apply and therefore recommended for the toes.