UV color gel for nails buy cheap


Color gels for nails are available in various optics like pastel, metallic, glitter, matte, neon, cream and color gel on Cospado at a reasonable price. To be able to model artificial nails in the most different designs, the colour gels should not be missing in any nail studio.

How do I harden the colour nail gels?

The colour nail gels can either be cured in the UV lamp and/or LED lamp, depending on the brand. Our Kolibri colour gels are designed for both types of curing.
The only difference is the curing time you save, the color result is completely the same.

Can the UV colour gel, effect gel be applied to acrylic modellages?

If you want to enhance your acrylic modellage with a colour gel, this is possible without any problems. After the acrylic modellage of the structure you clean the nails thoroughly from the file dust. Then you apply your colour gel in the desired design on the nails.

Can I combine acrylic gel, polygel with the colorgels?

You can easily combine any acrylic gel, polygel, poly acrylic gel with the colorgels to get your desired nail design. Because of the large selection of our colourgels you have an almost infinite offer of nail art designs and can let off steam without being bound to another gel system.

Are there any tricks for the application of full cover nails?

For fullcover nails it is best to use a fullcover brush made of genuine high-quality Kolinsky hair. This gel brush differs from classic gel brushes in that it is slightly rounded at the front of the brush tip. Because of the rounding of the brush hair you can easily work towards the nail edge, so you get a clean result of your fullcover color gel application.

How do I remove the color gel?

UV colour gels must be removed with a nail file or nail cutter. Whether you work with a cutter or a normal professional file is up to you. Here you do not have to pay special attention, except not to damage the natural nail.

Soak Off colour gels on the other hand are removed with an acetone-based remover.

Do I have to stir the colour gels?

Actually, there are sometimes colour gels where the colour pigments or glitter pigments settle in the jar. But you can see this immediately when you open the colour jar. When stirring yourself, please be very careful not to get bubbles or impurities into the gel.
Stirring is not necessary with our Kolibri colour gels as they are highly pigmented. With these high quality gels you can start your nail design immediately without any problems.

How many layers of UV colour gel do I have to apply?

Depending on the desired look you can apply the UV colour gels once or several times.
Most color gels cover after only one layer. But if you like it even more saturated, simply apply a second thin layer on the artificial nails.

Are our UV gels KVO compliant?

As the quality of the products in the nail shop is very important to Cospado, all our color gels are KVO compliant.

Are there also UV color gel sets available?

We have put together various UV color gel sets for you at a reasonable price.
Here we cover the most different color families and nothing stands in the way of your versatile nail design.

Can I apply the colour gel on the natural nail?

You should never apply colour gels directly on the natural nail, otherwise it is very difficult not to damage the natural nail when filing down the colour gel.
You must have applied at least a thin gel or acrylic layer on your nails before you work with the UV colour gel.