Builder gel, Builder UV gel for nails buy cheap


Why do I need a Builder Gel for nails?


You need a build-up gel for your artificial nails to bring a build-up to the nail. The build-up serves the stability of the UV-gel modellage, this means that your nails do not break or tear at the stress point. The highest point from the side view of the nail is called apex, stress point. This structure of the stress point, apex is one of the most important things in every artificial nail modeling. The Builder Gel is applied after the adhesive layer and the build-up is modelled, then you seal your UV gel modelage with a gloss gel/sealing gel.

The build-up gel itself is usually thick viscous, so that the modelled build-up stays in shape longer and does not run.
As the build-up gel is very stable, it is very suitable for stencil technique or tip modelling.


Can I build nail art into the build-up gel?

If you would like to incorporate nail art into your gel modelling, you can work this very well into the build-up gel. This is particularly useful with inlays such as Fimos or Shapes, because the build-up is a thicker gel layer and embeds this type of inlay beautifully. It is important to use a clear Sculpting Gel, so that the nail art is beautifully accentuated in the structure.

Are there also white UV building gels?

The Naildesign building gels are available in many different colours. Starting from transparent clear gel to rosé, cover/makeup and different white tones.

Clear build-up gel: 

We recommend if you want to include nail art in the structure or model glass nails. A completely natural natural nail reinforcement is also possible with the clear Builder Gel.

Pink. Pink Builder Gel:

Perfect for classic French when no nail bed extension or covering is required. Since the Rose Builder Gel is slightly milky, you can use it as a finish for baby boomer nails and then seal them. It conceals slight colour unevenness.

Cover/Makeup/Camouflage Builder Gel:

A Camouflage Sculpting Gel is perfect to optically extend the nail bed or to cover the nail bed so that unsightly discolorations or old gel residues are no longer visible. Also the outgrowth of the French can not be seen. It is important to choose a beautiful matching color tone.
It is perfect for the baby boomer style to model a beautiful color gradient from pink to white.

Are there also build-up gels available as single phase gels?

Some build up gels can also be used as pure single phase gels. This means that you can also use the single phase gel for the bonding and sealing layer and do not have to use 3 different gels for this.


What is the difference between UV curing build up gels and LED Builder gels?

The only difference is the curing.
UV Builder gels cure in the classic UV lamp
LED Sculpting Gels are cured in the LED lamp, which has a much shorter curing time.