Brushes for nails and nail art brushes buy cheap


Brushes for nails, nail design brushes and nail art brushes are available in many different forms in our nail design online shop.

Nail brushes are sometimes the most important tool of a nail designer in the nail studio.


Nail Art Brushes

or brushes for nail design are not to be imagined from the nail designer life any more.
The nail brushes are available in human hair brush quality, mostly Kolinsky hair or red sable human hair is used for the brushes.
There are also nail designers who prefer nail art brushes made of synthetic hair. These brushes are also called synthetic brushes.

With the nail art brushes one finds nail brushes with very thin brush tip in the online shop. This quality is gladly used for brush paintings which should be very filigree. They can be worked perfectly with watercolors and also acrylic colors.

The brushes are also very suitable for general gel painting.
For the knitting pattern Sugar Effect you also use a fine nail art brush. Here a fine pattern is painted with gel and afterwards acrylic powder is sprinkled over it and hardened.

As an insider tip for nail designers, the thin nail art brush is also often used to rework the contours during modelling, even for full cover nails.

With the One Stroke Brush, whose tip is slightly bevelled and still has the perfect tension, you can paint wonderful onestroke designs like flowers and leaves. For this you work with acrylic paints. The One Stroke technique needs a little practice, but when you have the knack, nothing stands in the way of fancy nail art.


Acrylic brush:

Brushes for acrylic nails and acrylic modelling we have with genuine high-quality Kolinsky hair in our Nails Onlineshop cheap to buy.
It is important for acrylic brushes that the brush has a good tension to model a beautiful acrylic nail.
Depending on the brush strength the brush hair takes up more or less acrylic liquid. The higher the brush number, the bigger acrylic balls you can make with it.

Gel brush:

For gel modelling or acrylic gel modelling we have many different gel brushes in the nail line shop to buy cheaply. Whether real hair brushes or synthetic brushes, gel brushes are part of the Naildesign basic equipment.

The 4 and 6 gel brushes are perfect for every gel modellage, depending on the nail bed size you choose the brush size.
The slanted gel brush is often used for French Nails, because it makes the smile line easier.
The Fullcover Gel Brush is slightly rounded at the front of the brush tip and makes it easier to apply Fullcover.