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When do I need a primer gel?

A primer gel, adhesive gel you need to get an optimal adhesion on your nails for gel modelling, Shellac modelling. It is applied after the preparation of the natural nails and before the build-up gel. Especially with 3 phase gels it is essential to use a bonder gel to get the perfect adhesion. Only with the single phase gel the adhesive component is already contained in the gel.

Does Bonder Gel, UV Primer Gel help with problem nails?

We recommend using Bonder Gel, especially if you have problems with adhesion during gel modelling. For problem nails like soft nails, splintering nails, greasy nails, dry nails... we have the suitable primer gel in our assortment.
Each gel system has a primer gel that is perfectly matched to the series.

Do I apply an adhesive gel under the acrylic modelling?

You don't need any adhesive gel for acrylic modelling. For acrylic nails you only need to use a primer to optimize the adhesion. However, if the natural nails are heavily damaged, a Rubber Base is recommended as an adhesive layer.

Is there a special primer gel for UV gel nail polish?

For the UV lacquers there is a special base gel lacquer available, depending on the system and brand. These are absolutely necessary so that the adhesion of the nails is guaranteed and no colour remains and discolorations remain on the natural nail when removing.

When do I need no adhesive gel?

With a 1 phase gel the adhesive properties are already built in, therefore you do not necessarily need a bonder gel, Ultrabond. However, if you have problem nails with adhesion problems, you can use an additional one. With the 3 phase gel it is absolutely necessary to use a bonder gel, because the gel does not contain any adhesive additives.

How do I apply Primer Gel?

There are many different adhesion gel systems and each one is applied a little bit differently. With very liquid base gels, the gel is massaged into the natural nail with a brush in a slightly circular motion. With base gels that have a higher viscosity, you can apply a very thin layer with the brush on the natural nail and then continue working as usual. Some have a very strong dispersion film, if this bothers you you can remove it with a dry clean celltte. All bonder gels must be cured in the LED or UV lamp before you start modelling the nails.
For more details please refer to the description of each item.

Do you combine adhesive gel and dehydrate?

You can combine a dehydrator with any system. It helps to prepare the natural nail for UV gel nail polish, UV gel modelling, acrylic modelling. By degreasing and disinfecting the nail, it provides a good basis for further modelling.