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Babyboomer Nails - Buy Babyboomer Products cheap


Babyboomer Nails - elegant, delicate, timeless nails, also called Babyboomer Nails, have become an integral part of nail designer life.


Whether acrylic baby boomer or baby boomer gel nails or acrylic gel baby boomer, these super natural nails are very trendy.


How does a baby boomer look like?

Babyboomer nails can be recognized by a beautiful gradient from the nail bed colour to the natural white nail tip.


With which products do you model baby boomer nails?

These nails can be modelled with UV gel, acrylic gel, polygel and also acrylic.
For the nail bed we recommend to use Cover Pink tones to cover the nail bed and to make a nice gradient.
For the nail tip natural white tones are very popular, but the boomer can be modelled with a classic white, depending on your preference.


Are baby boomer sets also available?

In order to make it easier for you to start modeling baby boomers, we have put together baby boomer sets at a reasonable price.


What is the advantage of Babyboomer nails?

In many situations in life you may or want to wear only natural looking nails, this is where babyboomer modelling comes in.
With this babyboomer style of modelling the artificial nails are hardly noticeable and the hands still look very well-groomed.


For which nail form is the Babyboomer design suitable?

No matter if you wear your nails in almond shape, square, stiletto, ballerina, super slim nails or just as natural nail reinforcement, the babyboomer style simply fits everywhere.

Where does the name Baby Boomer come from?

The trend has arisen through the desire of a certain large group of customers. These were born in the social "generation Baby-Boomer" (high birth rate after the 2nd World War). This customer group very often wanted a noble but also simple, natural nail design. This is characterized by the transition from the nail bed to the nail tip. Thus the great simple design was created, which has now become accepted in every age group. It has even caused a real hype in the nail studios in recent years.