Babyboomer Set Acryl

Acrylic Babyboomer Set buy online cheap


In the category Acrylic Babyboomer Sets we have put together some saving sets for your Babyboomer Nails.

Because the Babyboomer nails are not to be imagined any more from the studio everyday life away, these acrylic powders may be missing in no nail studio.


How do the acrylic powder babyboomer sets differ?

The acrylic powder sets for babyboomer nails differ by the different acrylic powder cover tones.
For Babyboomer Nails you need the matching Camouflage Acrylic color tone, which is very similar to the nail bed color. So the modellage looks very natural, which makes the babyboomer look. In addition, the transition from the growing nail to the modellage is not as visible.

For the nail tip, the French you will always find a natural white in the set. So the transition from the nail bed colour to the nail tip is very easy.