acrylic powder, acrylic powder for acrylic modelling


In our online shop for acrylic nails you will find cheap acrylic products in many different colors.



What is an acrylic powder?

Acrylic powder or also called acrylic polymers, are used for the modelling of acrylic nails. Acrylic powder is harder than UV-gel and is often used for artificial nails which should be very robust.

Which colours are available for acrylic powders?

Acrylic powder is available in several colours:

The most natural colour is the clear acrylic powder and is also often called clear or transparent powder. The clear acrylic powder is often used for the natural natural nail reinforcement, or for Glass Nails and also as the last layer of the acrylic nails.

Classic Pink Powder can also be used for natural nail reinforcement, for classic French and as the last layer of acrylic modelling. Classic Pink Powder is only slightly pink.

Acrylic Powder for Camouflage or also called Cover Pink Tones is available in different shades.
The best cover acrylic looks very similar to the nail bed and can be used to level the nail bed or for nail bed extensions. Due to the covering power of the camouflage tones, these acrylic powders are recommended for baby boomer acrylic nails.

For the French of acrylic modelling we have different white tones in our assortment. The Natural White powder is naturally white and is often used for acrylic nails natural and babyboomer design.


Do I have to mix the acrylic powder?

The acrylic powder has to be mixed with a suitable powder liquid to work with the acrylic. To do this, the acrylic liquid is taken up with an acrylic brush and then dipped into the powder. Then an acrylic ball is created, with this you model the acrylic nails.


How is the powder liquid mixture hardened?

The acrylic mixture hardens in the air. Depending on room temperature and hand temperature the acrylic hardens faster or slower.

We also have 3 different systems in our assortment:

Beginners: the Ezflow HD system is the most slow curing acrylic product

Advanced: The A polymers from Ezflow and the acrylics from Kolibri Nails Systems are perfectly suited for this. These acrylic powders have an optimal average curing time.

Professionals: The Ezflow Competitors series is designed for nail designers who can work with acrylic modellages in perfection super fast. This acrylic powder is very popular for nail designer competitions.


For which modelages are the acrylic products suitable?

The acrylic products are perfect for nails that need to be very resistant, which is required for many professions and hobbies. As acrylic modellage is harder from gel nails, acrylic is also often used for Super Slim Nails, generally thin worked nails and stilettos.


Which acrylic powders are used in the nail studio?

In general the acrylic powders used should be of a very good quality.
We have many acrylic powders in our assortment, which cover the requirements for beginners, advanced and professional nail designers.


Do I need a special brush for acrylic modelling?

For acrylic modelling of acrylic nails it is important to use a high quality acrylic brush with good tension. The brush hair should preferably also be real Kolinsky hair, as these absorb the acrylic liquid very well and are durable.