Acrylic liquid for acrylic powder buy cheap


What do I need an Acryl Liquid for?

For modelling acrylic nails you need acrylic powder and the appropriate Acryl Liquid. The acrylic powder liquid mixture is made of these two components. From the resulting acrylic balls you can now model your nails.


How much acrylic liquid do I have to take up with the brush?

Depending on how big the ball should be for modelling, the more liquid you have to leave in the brush. Basically the brush is soaked completely in the liquid and then wiped off at the edge of your Dappen Dish to regulate the desired amount of liquid. You will quickly get a feeling for it.


Why is the Liquid blue/violet?

High quality acrylic liquids contain blue or purple dye that acts as a sun blocker. These prevent the unsightly yellowing of the acrylic modellage. Thus the modelled French remains radiant white.


Are there different acrylic liquids?

For the different acrylic powder series there are the matching liquids.
e.g. for slow, medium or fast hardening acrylic series.

What is the best way to use the Liquid?

You fill the acrylic liquid into a Dappen Dish. Here you can fill the liquid in small quantities, so that it is enough for a modellage. And the rest of the liquid stays fresh. You can also wipe the brush soaked in acrylic liquid practically at the edge of the Dappen Dish.
If there is still liquid left, simply put a lid on the container and you can use the liquid for the next acrylic modelling.


Is the acrylic liquid from Kolibri Hema free?

Since many customers have allergic reactions, our acrylic liquids have been developed by Kolibri HEMA free.
This allows acrylic modellages for allergic persons. Generally we only have high quality Hema free liquids in our assortment.


Does the acrylic powder liquid mixture have to harden in the lamp?

No, the classical acrylic modelling hardens in the air, therefore no UV lamp is necessary for pure acrylic modelling.
The UV lamp or LED lamp is only necessary if the modellage is sealed with a UV gel TopCoat.


Is the acrylic brush cleaned in the Liquid?

The cleaning is done during the modelling. After each acrylic ball that is modelled, the brush is wiped off in the kitchen roll. If there are any residues left in the brush, dip the brush into the Liquid again and wipe the brush off on the kitchen roll. Only then you can model the next ball.
Bring the tip of the brush to its original shape when wet by making a slight turning movement of the tip of the brush when stripping the brush in the kitchen roll.


Do I have to work the brush with Liquid?

Yes, if the brush is brand new, there is a so-called rubber glue in the hair, which ensures that the hair stays in shape. However, you have to work out these adhesive residues with a Liquid from the brush. This is done by carefully fanning the brush in a suitable container (Dappen Dish) filled with liquid and then wiping it off in a kitchen roll, for example. Repeat this procedure until no more white traces can be seen in the brush.
The brush can only be worked in with Liquid. Other liquids are not suitable for the acrylic brush.

Do I need different liquids for normal acrylic powder and color acrylic powder?

You can use the same liquid for modelling coloured acrylic powder and classic acrylic. However, the liquid can colour slightly in coloured powder if there are still small residues in the brush. Therefore we recommend to have 2 different vessels ready.

What is the difference between Acryl Liquid and UV Acryl Liquid?

The normal Acryl Liquid hardens without doing anything when used with the powder. The UV Liquid is completely different and only starts polymerization when it is cured in the UV lamp, similar to UV Gel.