Color acrylic powder buy cheap

Colour acrylic powder for acrylic modellages should not be missing in any nail studio that offers acrylic nails.

What are color acrylic powders suitable for?

Color acrylic powders are suitable for colorful French Nails or Full Cover Nails. They have a particularly intensive effect. You will find a huge selection of color acrylic powders, either with glitter, shimmer or even in pure color. 3D Nail Art like flowers or similar can be processed very well with the color acrylic powders. The acrylic hardens matt and has thereby its own special touch.

Can I make 3D NailArt with Color Acryl powders?

All color acrylic powders in our assortment are perfectly suitable for 3D Nail Art. With a suitable 3D Nail Art brush, you can easily model the powder to 3D nail designs with a little practice.

Are color acrylic powders also suitable for the construction?

Basically all color acryl powders are also suitable for the construction. However, you should keep in mind that you have to remove the color acrylic completely the next time you fill up the modellage, if you want to apply another color to the nails. Therefore we recommend to work a thin layer of clear acrylic powder under the full cover.

Can I combine the colour acyl powder with gel?

The colour acyl powder from Kolibri can be combined with gel without any problems. You can use the color acrylic powder the same way as a color gel layer. The only difference in the processing is that the acrylic is modelled and the colour gel only needs to be applied.
The modelling with acrylic becomes more stable than with UV-gel, so the nail tip gains stability and resistance.

Are the colour acrylic powders also suitable for Super Slim Nails?

Since the Colour Powder shines by its stability, you can use it also very well for Slim Nails. The colored powders fit for colored French Nails with acrylic, ombre or full cover in Super Slim Nails Design.

Is a colour gradient or ombre possible with the coloured acrylic powders?

No question of the ombre style is very popular with the customers, fortunately these color gradients can be modelled wonderfully with acrylic. This is even easier than with any UV gels.

Do I need my own brush for the colour acrylic?

We recommend to use your own brush for colour acrylic powder, because mostly very small colour particles remain in the acrylic brush and can lead to impurities in the following modelling.

Can I seal the Color Powder with gel?

We recommend to roughen the Color Powder with a fine file or buffer before sealing, so that the gel can adhere well. A more flexible gel is best suited for this. This can usually be recognized by the fact that the sealing gel has a sweating layer.