Acrylic powder
Acrylic powder

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Acrylic liquid

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Acrylic color powder

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Acrylic powder, also known as powder gel, acrylic powder, acrylic powder, in combination with acrylic liquid is indispensable for nail modelling in the nail studio.

The acrylic system (powder liquid system) is the top class in nail design.
The acrylic nail modellage with acrylic powder and liquid has many advantages.

The material of the acrylic modelage becomes very solid and can be modelled very thin by the nail designer. The artificial nails are nevertheless very stable and look natural.
Therefore acrylic modellages are perfect for Super Slim Nails. No matter if worked with acrylic powder clear or with colored acrylic powder, the Slim Nails look very noble because of their softness.

The French Dock method is easier to work with acrylic than with gel, because there is no trickling of the modellage. This method is also used for the 3D French tips.

In addition, no UV lamp is needed for the nail modelling, which hardens the acrylic powder mixture in the air.

There are different acrylic systems. These differ in the curing time. In our nail design online shop you can buy different acrylic powders.

For beginners in the field of acrylic modelling, slow hardening acrylics are suitable, we have these from the brand Ezflow with the HD series in our assortment. Here you have longer time to model the powder until it hardens and to get a general feeling for working with acrylic.

Most acrylic artists prefer acrylics with medium curing time. In this segment the Kolibri Master Touch Acrylics are perfectly suitable, because they are high quality acrylic powders. Here the curing time is already a bit faster, but there is still time to form the structure.
The Master Touch series has a wide range of cover colours, also called camouflage acrylic powder and white shades. This makes acrylic powder baby boomers succeed with ease.
With this kind of acrylic modelling all nail shapes are possible, like Super Slim Nails, New Nail Form, Square, Stilettos, Ballerina, Almond etc.

Professional nail designers and advanced nail designers who take part in competitions like to use fast hardening acrylics, because the time to model the nails is limited. Here the Ezflow Competitors series is very well suited.

Also 3D nail art like 3D flowers, 3D leaves are often worked with the Kolibri Master Acrylics. With the Master Art colored acrylics many great nail designs are possible, because the colors are very versatile. For this kind of modelling a 3D brush is recommended.

Sugar Nails as well as plait patterns, Christmas patterns can be created by drawing patterns on the finished modelled nail with gel and a nail art brush and then sprinkle acrylic powder, whether clear or coloured, over it, depending on the desired effect. Afterwards the nail must be hardened only more.

In order to facilitate the entrance into working with acrylic, we have different acrylic sets and acrylic powder starter sets in our assortment. You can buy these acrylic sets cheaply in our shop.



Which acrylic powder suits my working method?

For beginners the Ezflow HD series, because it hardens slowly.
For advanced users the Kolibri Master Toch series, with optimal medium curing time
For professionals the Ezflow Competitors series with fast curing time

Acrylic or gel modelling?

In principle gel and acrylic systems are made of acrylic. But they differ extremely in the application, because gel is a finished product and has to be cured in the UV lamp or LED lamp. Acrylic powder on the other hand is used with a liquid and hardens in the air.
Generally it can be said that acrylic nails are more resistant than gel nails.
Gel nails are easier to use and more flexible.
Depending on which system you choose, you can order everything for perfect looking acrylic nails online in our Nail Design Online Shop.

How do I remove acrylic nails?

Depending on your preference the acrylic modellage can be removed with acetone or with a nail file or cutter.

When are acrylic nails better suited?

Acrylic nails are advantageous in professions that demand a lot from the nails.
Even if you want to wear very thin nails, acrylic nail models are more stable than nail nail models.



Best acrylic powder?

The best acrylic powder is adapted to the nail designer's working method and the natural nail of the customer.

Is there also camouflage acrylic powder?

Camouflage Acrylics or also called Cover Acrylic Powder are used for nail bed covering, lamination and are also often used for baby boomers.